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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where are we located?- The greater Middle Tennessee Area.
  2. How long until my order ships?- Most orders will ship within 7 business days, however, this number will be greatly reduced while we grow as a company. Be sure to check the product description, some products are shipped next business day!
  3. Can I track my order?- Yes you can! Right HERE!
  4. Do you only sell shirts?- We are currently only selling shirts. However, we are working on hats, joggers, hoodies, synthetic blends and much more. Feel free to stay up to date with our newsletter, or by checking our social medias.
  5. What is a Plate Pusher?- A plate pusher is someone who carries their own weight both inside and outside of the gym. Positivity is key to being a plate pusher. Success is stemmed solely from a good mindset.
  6. Am I a Plate Pusher?- You are if you say you are!


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